Buying — it’s a family affair

If you are anticipating a move to a new home, family personalities and interests must be considered. To help determine the features in a home which will suit your family best, try this. 

  • Give each family member a pad of paper. 
  • Collectively set a meeting for another family confab preferably in a week to 10 days. 
  • Ask each family member to be aware and keep a list during the week of: 
  • a. Features liked in the present residence
  • b. Features disliked in the present residence
  • c. Features which would be nice to have in the new home
  • Ask family members not to share the items on the list with other family members. 
  • Ask family members to rate the items on their list starting with the number 1- the most important item, to the last item on the list which will have the highest number. 
  •  At the designated time, family members bring their lists to the meeting. 
  • Select a person to draw up a master list on a poster. 
  • Ask each person for the number 1 item on his or her list. Write all the number 1 items on the master list. 
  • Ask how many people have that item on their list, count and record the number votes on the master list. 
  • Continue the process until all features on all lists have been identified. 


Those items with the highest numbers after them should become priority items for your new home. They will reflect the personality of your family and help you in selecting a home which suits the family lifestyle.

Your family should feel it has contributed valuable information in the selection of your next home if you share this information with your Realtor. Emphasize to your Realtor® that these are primary criteria for your next home.