What to bring to the lender

When applying for a mortgage loan, the buyer must assemble and bring to the loan officer several documents.  Too often, the process drags because the buyer does not realize the importance of providing all of the required information to the lender in a timely fashion.

A prospective buyer must be pre approved for a loan prior to looking at property. The Arizona Association of Realtors requires an LSR or loan status report  be submitted with every contract.  That insures that the buyer has received a pre approval from the lender.

Buyers should gather the documents prior to seeing the lender, who will be pleasantly surprised with the preparedness. These documents  include:

Verification of income:

  • Name and address(es) of employer(s) 
  • Dates of employment – to/from for past two years 2 most recent pay check stubs from all sources of employment 
  • Proof of social security income, retirement, pensions, child support, and other sources of income 
  • Last two years W-2 forms and income taxes including all schedules for state and federal taxes 
  • Breakdown of overtime, bonuses, commissions, and base pay 
  • Breakdown of Dividend/Interest Income 

If Self-Employed:

  • Last two years of complete and signed tax returns, Federal and State, both personal and corporate. 
  • Year to date Profit and Loss Statement prepared by an Accountant 
  • Current Balance Sheet 

If Rental Income:

  • Full tax returns and lease agreements 
  • Net rental income 
  • Schedule of Real Estate owned 

Bank Accounts/Credit Union/Stocks/Bonds/Other Assets

  • Statements from all banks accounts for the last three months. This includes checking, savings, credit unions, and IRAs. 
  • Statements from Brokerage Firms for last three months and name and address of company from whom verification information can be acquired. 
  • Life Insurance Net Cash Value 
  • Make and Model of Vehicles Owned and Market Value 
  • Other Assets 


  • Names, addresses, and account numbers of all monthly payments with current balances including: student loans, auto/truck loans, major credit cards, gas credit cards, department store credit cards, specialty credit cards, other mortgages. 
  • Information concerning all property sold within the last two years. Provide settlement statements for these properties, as well as property address and lender. 
  • Letters explaining any adverse credit and credit inquiries 

If you had a Bankruptcy in the Past:

  • Copy of all documents filed and discharged. 

Veterans and FHA Applicants:

  • DD-214 and/or Certificate of Eligibility (VA Only) 
  • In Service Letter (VA Only) 
  • Picture ID and Social Security Number (FHA) 

Purchase Transaction:

  • Copy of the complete purchase agreement with addenda. 
  • Address of property to be purchased with MLS Listing if available 

If Divorced:

  • Copy of the Divorce Decree 

All Applicants:

  • Home address and zip code for last seven years of residency Own/Rent – Names and address of landlord, property manager, or mortgage company 
  • Photo Identification such as Resident Alien Card, Driver’s License, and/or Social Security Card 

If Refinancing:

  • Copy of the Note, Deed of Trust, and the Settlement Statement for the last transaction 

Bring a blank check which you will write to the lender for the credit report. Doing your homework will save important time in this process.