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Why Continuing Education Beyond That Mandated By The State?…

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Why should you, the buyer or seller, care about the level of continuing education your Realtor® has, and whether he/she continues to take classes beyond the mandatory continuing education requirements for license renewal?

The real estate industry is constantly changing.  Short sales and foreclosures on the market brought new designations: SFR, the National Association of Realtors® designation for Short Sales, Foreclosure Real Estate, and the CDPE which stands for Certified Distressed Property Expert, and now the new classes designed for Investors in Distressed Properties.

Working with distressed buyers demands an entirely new set of skills and requires considerable paperwork which the lender, (or sometimes lenders), need to make a decision whether a short sale is granted.

Essentially this paperwork is a prerequisite for the bank to ascertain whether mortgage fraud may be involved.  Mortgage fraud, if litigated and proven, carries prison terms as well as fines for all participants.

No agent wants to subject himself/herself to possible prison terms nor do they want to subject their seller to such conditions.  Sometimes a seller genuinely does not understand that hiding assets is not protocol!

Financing is another area where the Realtor® who has additional education can make a transaction work where a Realtor® who does not understand the nuances of financing will let the potential transaction go by the boards…only because he/she doesn’t know how to structure the transaction.

With the changes which have occurred in obtaining a mortgage, many people cannot now qualify because of credit issues.

A Realtor® who has information about credit repair can pass the name of a good credit repair person on to his/her client.  Often credit can be repaired in a short time which will put the buyer in the driver’s seat to purchase a home within six months.

A knowledgeable Realtor® has knowledge far beyond the types and prices of homes on the market.  He/she spends time and money on continuing education in order to serve clients best.

Look for a Realtor® who has continuing education beyond what is required by the state.  Check the state database of the Real Estate Commission to see what types of classes your agent has taken and when.  Look for advanced designations such as GRI, CCIM, CRS, SRES, ABR, the most rigorous of which is the CRS or CCIM, the latter of which is for commercial properties. … A Whole New Attitude!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

I am so excited and I want to share my joy!

The Arizona Chapter of Certified Residential Specialists voted at their December meeting to go ahead with plans to redesign the web site. Charles Weasner is the CRS agent responsible for this project and he did a bang up job.

The redesign was done by Steve Redmond, also a Realtor in Tucson, and was unveiled just a few days ago. CRS agents should go to the website and see what has been done.

This is a project in the making and Arizona CRS is open to any and all ideas.

The Arizona Chapter is trying to rev up its presence in the state, and the website has information about the Professional Development and Education groups. These are smaller groups lead by a CRS agent or agents who have meetings at which all real estate agents are invited. There are presently four groups in the Greater Phoenix area and the website will keep people abreast of what is transpiring.

There is an Education corner with information about CRS education which is upcoming and a column about legislative issues on the state and federal level about which agents should have an understanding.  There are some references to the National CRS website, as well as information from the CRS Board of Directors.

Corporate sponsors will be listed as well as Friends of the Chapter.

CRS agents are welcome to submit articles to the website. The articles will first be vetted for unseemly information. There is a widget on the page which will allow you to write an article.  We welcome your comments and your criticism, that is how we will get better and provide to you, the Arizona CRS agent what you want and need.

The newsletter will also go out and if you want to be on the mailing list, please e mail me at   .   I will make sure your e mail is included.  If you are interested in joining the Arizona CRS Chapter, please also contact me.  I am here to serve you.

Enjoy our new website!

Get Out of the Cold…Come to Arizona… Take Resorts and Second Homes CRS Class

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Are you an agent looking to get out of the cold and wintry weather and need a good reason to leave snow, sleet, ice, and chill?

Arizona Chapter Certified Residential Specialists is kicking off the educational year February 22 and February 23 in Tucson with the two day class, Resorts and Second Homes.

With temperatures now in the high 60’s and low 70’s, Arizona is definitely a second home state and considered to be a “resort” state.   Now is the time for second home buyers to flock to the state to purchase resort homes at pretty much rock bottom prices.

The two day core class is designed “to teach the essentials of Buying, Selling, or Managing resort properties for recreation, investment, and development by U.S. and International clients and customers in the United States”.

Nationally known instructor Gail Lyons will teach the two day class.

Eight hours as an elective towards a CRS designation will be awarded, as well as continuing education hours towards earning a ABR designation.  Attendees will earn the Resort and Second Home designation.

For attendees  holding an ABR, ALC, CCIM, CIPS, CRM, CRS, CRB or the National Association of Realtor’s Green designation, payment of an administrative fee, in addition to the course cost, of $195 to REBAC as a one time fee will insure the RSPS designation for life without an annual fee.

Arizona Chapter CRS has made special arrangements with a The Windmill Inn, a local hotel in an upscale Plaza,  for a rate of $135 a night plus applicable taxes.  Persons wishing to begin the CRS designation are welcome to attend the two day class.  For information about the class or the special arrangements with The Windmill Inn, contact Arizona Chapter CRS President Terry Bishop at or

Tucson International Airport is an easy airport to maneuver and have direct flights from many areas of the country.

Charge for the two day class is $110 for Arizona Chapter members and $125 for non members.

Information about The Windmill Inn is below, as well as information about registering for the class.  If you have difficulty, contact Terry Bishop,   The Arizona Chapter wants to welcome you to the beautiful state of Arizona!

About Tucson:

The Windmill Inn:[0].numberOfAdults=2&tab=prices&arrivalDate=02-18-11&hotelId=121120&validate=false&destination=Tucson,+Arizona,+United+States#prices

How to Register for Resorts and Second Home Class:

Login or create a new profile

Click on Calendar of Events on left hand side

Scroll down and select the class

Click on the link to register

Click on “Submit Your Order”

Or contact Christine Sanchez: 520-382-8848 or 866-440-9804

Or contact Terry Bishop:  520-884-7201

Tucson International Airport:

Giving Back to the Community…CRS and Hearth

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

The 23th annual Founder’s Day Luncheon, celebrated by the Arizona Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) and the Hearth Foundation, is a commemorative event open to the community at large.

Founder’s Day celebrates the founding of The Hearth Foundation by members of CRS and the Tucson Board of Realtors®.  Articles of incorporation were filed with the State of Arizona November 12, 1987 with the mission of establishing housing for homeless women 18 years of age or older with children 12 years or younger.

Since that time, Hearth has broadened its scope to include homeless women caring for children and has embraced the community at large, not just Realtors®.  Hearth supplies transitional housing as well as emergency short term housing for homeless women with children and derives its funds from fundraisers sponsored by the organization as well as donations from the public and other civic organizations.  Programs are provided by Our Family Services and New Beginnings.

CRS is an organization of Realtors®  under the auspices of the National Association of Realtors®.  Only four per cent of Realtors® hold their CRS designation, earned from both extensive continuing education as well as production, yet CRS agents account for 25% of the transactions nationwide.  CRS agents are known for their skills and knowledge which serves clients well.

In the past, the Arizona Chapter of CRS has been named national Chapter with the Heart for its support of Hearth.

Reservations for the luncheon, which begins promptly at 11:30 am, can be made at the link below.  The cost is $25 per plate.  Westward Look, a renowned Tucson resort off of Ina Road just east of Oracle, is the venue and valet parking is available.  Menu choices are available at the registration site and include:  Herb-Roasted Breast of Chicken with Prickly Pear Glaze, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and the Chef’s selection of Fresh Seasonal Sauteed Vegegtables or a Vegetarian Ravoli.    The luncheon will end promptly by 1:15 pm so attendees can get to the TAR Summit by 2 pm.  Make your reservation at:

Click here to register

Choose a Certified Residential Specialist Real Estate Agent…

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Why choose a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) to represent you when buying or selling property?

You are getting ready to put your home on the market, or you are looking for a home in another area.  How do you go about choosing a Realtor®?  And why should you choose a CRS? 

Less than 4% of Realtors®  nationwide have earned their Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation, but account for more than 25% of the real estate transactions. CRS agents must combine knowledge with production in order to earn the designation.

CRS agents have invested both time and money in classes far beyond those required as a Realtor®.  They are on the cutting edge of technology which can help you in marketing your home worldwide, they understand various types of marketing and can target audience your home, they listen to your concerns and try and put your wishes into action plans.  They understand negotiating and practice good negotiating skills which can save you both time and money. 

If your are moving to another part of the country, CRS agents have a network of other CRS agents worldwide upon whom they can rely.  Your local CRS agent can refer you to your new CRS Realtor® who will work with you with the skill and knowledge you are accustomed. 

Why not hire from the top agents in the industry.  It costs the same to be represented by the crème de la crème, as it does to be represented by the mediocre. Select from the top 4% of the real estate industry. 

The next time you have a real estate transaction or have friend or family who has a real estate transaction, refer that person to a CRS agent, or refer that person here. 

CRS agents are knowledgeable, have a worldwide network of other CRS agents, and can help keep you from pitfalls when buying and or selling property.

CRS Leadership and More…

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

The last ten days have been a whirlwind.   Attending the Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) Leadership Conference for Presidents and President Elects at the Wild Horse Resort in Phoenix stirs a wealth of ideas; programs presented by Brian Copeland and Frank Serio tweak my brain while giving me an abundance of homework. Copeland’s seminar the previous Wednesday adds more fuel to the cyber section of my grey matter. 

A working Realtor®, Copeland is an internet guru with an uncanny method for presenting information in a most entertaining fashion.  Building on the concept of television game shows, he slickly slips into his alter ego as a game show host and simultaneously drives his points home regarding leadership while we wildly applaud amidst laughter. 

“Edgecrafting”, taking an extreme idea and scaling it back one notch elicits a variety of creative ideas.  Frank Serio, a CRS instructor and California working Realtor®, takes front and center stage and as President Elect of National CRS, encourages us to think outrageously, brainstorming in the most vehement sense of the word, then takes us to the cyber world dimension with ideas about to how to market CRS. It’s a great ride. 

The nuts and bolts are attended to by Rachel Tristano, from CRS National in Chicago.  Realtors® from nearly all 50 states and the Bahamas share their love for the real estate industry and swap ideas on how to bring more education and professionalism to industry. Culminating the three day event, the Arizona CRS Chapter hosts a wine and cheese reception, which is a smashing succes, prior to dinner Saturday. 

Three stellar Realtors® and an appraiser share their knowledge about pricing properties in today’s market, presenting unique ideas to the CRS attendees at the Arizona CRS breakfast Wednesday morning.  And wrapping up this eight day whirlwind of activity is the Tucson Association of Realtors® Superhero Expo at the Convention Center.  More cyberspace and internet tricks of the trade roll off the tongue of Amy Chorew, technology expert and educational speaker for the show.  And Realty Trac shares Tucson numbers about short sales and foreclosures. 

Ahh, now the weekend…time to get back to work and sell some property!


Once again I am up and running, no not literally, but figuratively.  I was infected and rather than continue blogging, I stopped completely because I did not want to spread my virus to you, my reader.  I didn’t know if I was contagious, but I didn’t want to hazard a chance. “Good grief, she gave me the plague” I envision people saying. 

But alas!  Lynn Ruby, a dedicated virtual assistant, has corrected all of that and I can begin once again to spout my words of wisdom, which of course are a matter of interpretation. 


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