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The last ten days have been a whirlwind.   Attending the Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) Leadership Conference for Presidents and President Elects at the Wild Horse Resort in Phoenix stirs a wealth of ideas; programs presented by Brian Copeland and Frank Serio tweak my brain while giving me an abundance of homework. Copeland’s seminar the previous Wednesday adds more fuel to the cyber section of my grey matter. 

A working Realtor®, Copeland is an internet guru with an uncanny method for presenting information in a most entertaining fashion.  Building on the concept of television game shows, he slickly slips into his alter ego as a game show host and simultaneously drives his points home regarding leadership while we wildly applaud amidst laughter. 

“Edgecrafting”, taking an extreme idea and scaling it back one notch elicits a variety of creative ideas.  Frank Serio, a CRS instructor and California working Realtor®, takes front and center stage and as President Elect of National CRS, encourages us to think outrageously, brainstorming in the most vehement sense of the word, then takes us to the cyber world dimension with ideas about to how to market CRS. It’s a great ride. 

The nuts and bolts are attended to by Rachel Tristano, from CRS National in Chicago.  Realtors® from nearly all 50 states and the Bahamas share their love for the real estate industry and swap ideas on how to bring more education and professionalism to industry. Culminating the three day event, the Arizona CRS Chapter hosts a wine and cheese reception, which is a smashing succes, prior to dinner Saturday. 

Three stellar Realtors® and an appraiser share their knowledge about pricing properties in today’s market, presenting unique ideas to the CRS attendees at the Arizona CRS breakfast Wednesday morning.  And wrapping up this eight day whirlwind of activity is the Tucson Association of Realtors® Superhero Expo at the Convention Center.  More cyberspace and internet tricks of the trade roll off the tongue of Amy Chorew, technology expert and educational speaker for the show.  And Realty Trac shares Tucson numbers about short sales and foreclosures. 

Ahh, now the weekend…time to get back to work and sell some property!


Once again I am up and running, no not literally, but figuratively.  I was infected and rather than continue blogging, I stopped completely because I did not want to spread my virus to you, my reader.  I didn’t know if I was contagious, but I didn’t want to hazard a chance. “Good grief, she gave me the plague” I envision people saying. 

But alas!  Lynn Ruby, a dedicated virtual assistant, has corrected all of that and I can begin once again to spout my words of wisdom, which of course are a matter of interpretation. 


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