canstockphoto12656041Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude. I am a very fortunate woman to have so many people surrounding me who are a source of inspiration, support, and help. They all exhibit honesty and subscribe to ethical behavior which is the cornerstone of my business.
These are people to whom I go to when I need information and they are people who help make a real estate transaction smooth and seamless.
My first shout out is to my able assistant, Andrew, who is so anal, the very antithesis of what I am, scattered and disorganized- he keeps me on task and isn’t afraid to call out those things which I need to do which somehow get lost in the shuffle, intentional or not!
No transaction can begin to get off the ground without the lender, so to Courtney Walker and her crew at Cornerstone, thank you. I appreciate all you do and the speed in which you can turn a loan into a home for a client! The shorter the period of time, the happier everyone seems to be.
For transactions for which I have control – my “go to” gal is Tina Banks at Fidelity National Title. Fidelity charges less for title and escrow services than other companies here in town so are a better “deal” for buyers and sellers, and Tina knows the business inside and out. She’s an expert at explaining and her patience is admirable!
To Zack Collins at Fidelity – how could I even begin without you? You provide me with the resources I need to start a transaction – the very information about the property itself. And you are so willing to look up weird things that I ask.
And to Kimberly Keegan at Fidelity- thank you for your knowledge, time, and effort not just to me, but to the entire Tucson Realtor community in promoting things like the TAR Home Tour.
Chris Webb, with an apt last name, Webb, the face of internet marketing, my go to for all things computer, a source of marketing ideas who shares his time willingly and a marketing guru for Cornerstone Lending, thank you. I’m implementing much of what you suggest.
How can we complete a transaction without my inspector who knows building – with experience as a contractor in two states, building inspector for the Town of Marana, and home inspector for umpteen years- Paul Juarez- Inspect One, thank you. You are thorough, explain to buyers and sellers any problems, how they should be fixed if necessary and you are not afraid to “kill a deal” if that is in the best interest of the client. I appreciate your honesty.   And because there are two types of homes in Tucson, those which have termites, and those which will get termites, thank you to Tucson Exterminating for all the homes they check for me, and for their good pricing and honesty.
This is my “immediate” team. And two more, Garrett Flores, who fixes my computers and keeps me up to date and doesn’t let me have down time when the computers are temperamental…and to Troy Ruboyianes and his team, especially Melissa, you keep me on track financially and when I look at the numbers, I learn so much, sometimes not what I want to know! A CPA on board is essential!
Thank you all – you help to make me successful and you contribute to smooth transactions for both buyers and sellers…and to all the agents on the other end of the transaction, we all know, we need you too!
Thank you!

3 Responses to “Gratitude!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    What can we say, we love to support you and your business! You thrive to educate, inform and entertain your clients and those you come in contact with! Here is to a fantastic 2016!

  2. Zack Says:

    Thank you very much, Terry! You and Andrew are both a pleasure to work with. Here is to an amazing, prosperous year, and many more to come!

  3. admin Says:

    Thank you Zack, we really appreciate working with you too!

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