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Weekend Wanderings… All Souls Procession…

Friday, November 6th, 2015

asp-2014-03All Souls Procession, totally unique to Tucson, will bring celebrants from all over remembering their loved ones in art, music, food, and a procession. Emanating from El Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, a day of to commemorate those in our lives who have died, the All Souls Procession has grown to a full weekend event which ends with the burning of the urn filled with thoughts and messages to those who are departed.
Participants dress or wear clothing reminding them of the departed, either human or animal, and many carry photographs. The art work which people construct is amazing, with huge paper mache heads or intricate clothing. Workshops to create these masterpieces are held throughout the year.
Skull heads are artfully painted on the faces of participants and skilled stilt walkers proceed in the procession along the city streets as skeletons.
The air is electric with anticipation by observers, many of whom are also dressed commemorating the deceased, craning their necks to see the beginning of the procession. The drum beats echo through the dark night downtown area heralding the beginning of the procession. It is both exciting and solemn, and everyone carries his own personal meaning of this night remembering both good and bad of those who have died.
The weekend culminates in the Procession. Participants should arrive at 4 for the 6:30 start time for the procession. It will end at Mercado San Augustin just west of I-10 and Congress where the urn will be burned and Flam Chen will perform.
As the procession passes, observers can join the procession walking to the finale. This is a photographer’s paradise with varied emotions, colors, expressions. The link below gives detailed information as well as a video and photographs of this expressly unique Tucson event.