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Sun Warmth and Happiness!

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Wafting through the air is the fragrant smell of turkey soup, simmering on the stove. The heat is cranked to take the chill off the house, and outside lies the beauty of the first snow…diamonds laden on the trees, undisturbed. The snow plows have not yet rumbled through the neighborhood, turning the pristine precipitation to an unappealing brown mess.  I am too old for this cold, this icy season where temps go to zero, when the wind blusters through the trees, and a foot of snow needs to be shoveled from the driveway.

Escape!  Escape to Tucson is the answer!  I will join the hundreds of winter visitors escaping from the northern climes to sun, temps in the 60’s and 70’s, to being able to take a walk outside without slipping and sliding on ice covered pathways.

Tucson is a haven for those who want to escape to a warm, dry climate.  Those arthritis sufferers suddenly find relief from the pain in the dry climate, and some come on the recommendation of their physician. Others swell the Tucson population because they want to golf and enjoy the myriad of outside activities, not spending  winter cooped up inside their northern abode.

Winter rentals are abundant, and Thanksgiving marks the influx of “winter visitors”, affectionately called “snowbirds”.  The majority however arrive after the Christmas holiday.  Many have purchased winter homes, often in active adult communities where activities range the gamut from book clubs to pool tournaments, from cooking classes to exercise classes.  Golf, pickle ball, and swimming is a draw for many of these communities, as well as restaurants on premises, community dinners, and group outings to various places in Arizona.

The cultural scene in Tucson is also a draw, the city is the home of the University of Arizona, and those who desire ongoing education can attend to Olli ( ).  Broadway comes to Tucson at the many theaters, both large, and small and intimate, and the music scene encompasses all genres.

Tucson has several art museums as well as the Center for Creative Arts at the University of Arizona, home to the Ansel Adams collection. And Tucson is a gastronomical delight with the best Mexican food in the nation, as well as restaurants which represent all cultures:  Ethiopian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, plus a myriad of excellent food trucks.

How can you not want to escape cold, grey, dreary weather and exchange it for warm, bright, sunshine and a city which will welcome you with open arms?







Tucson Arizona, Active Adult Community Anyone?

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Tucson has a range of active adult communities which run the price gamut from the $80,000 range to more than a million dollars and likewise span a distance from Catalina down to Green Valley and Tubac, a distance of about 60 miles; and from the foot of the Rincon Mountains in the east, to west of the Tucson Mountains approximately 40 miles.
In each area, the topography is different and although many people believe the desert southwest is flat and barren like the Sahara, nothing could be further from the truth. Topography and landscape may be a factor in deciding where to put down roots. And there is the question of how urban one wants to be. This harkens back to our discussion yesterday why making the list of what is important for you when retiring is crucial.
There are town home communities as well as mobile home communities, condo communities, manufactured home communities, and single family residence communities. Each type of community offers different living conditions and different ammenities. There are golf course communities and non golf course communities, newer homes and older homes. And all are governed by CC and R’s, Covenants, Codes and Restrictions.
The CC and R’s are legal documents which residents can be held to uphold. It is important that you read these for not only do they indicate how many pets you can have and how big, or what color you can paint your house, they often also govern the ages of children who can live in the community or purchase property in the community.
I know of communities where anyone younger than 55 cannot purchase a home, and proof of age is a requisite. A child younger than 55 cannot purchase a home for a parent even if the sole purpose is for the parent to live there. There are communities where rentals are not permitted. Someone who is 55 plus and desires to purchase a winter home which will be rented until retirement is prohibited from doing so by the CC and R’s. Such a covenant may impact on your financial planning.
If you are expecting children and grandchildren to visit for a month, know what the C C and R’s say. In some communities, children younger than 18 years cannot stay in the community for more than a few days. And certainly, if you ever anticipate that a grandchild will live with you on a permanent basis, definitely understand the provisions in the C C and R’s. There was a situation where a grandmother took in her grandchild and was forced to sell and move from the community. It didn’t matter that the grandmother became the legal guardian, the law upheld the C C and R’s.
Active Adult Communities bring together people of like mind, they offer camaradie, activities, and peacefulness to those who purchase there. As in any property purchase, it is important to know what you are buying and how you can use your property. Your Realtor is crucial in helping you wade through the do’s and don’ts of purchasing in an Active Adult Community.