Tucson 4th Avenue Street Fair-Things to See and Do…


Weekend Wanderings…

Tucson’s 4th Avenue Street Fair fills 4th Avenue, the street with fascinating eclectic stores, with more than 400 white tents in which thousands of people will wander this weekend.
The semi-annual 4th Annual Street Fair is a staple in Tucson, just before the Christmas holidays and during the spring. Artisans from all over will set up and sell their wares.
The weather promises to cooperate with temps in the 60’s and the sun reigning over the area. The enticing smells of funnel cakes, hot dogs, corn dogs and fried foods linger in the air, but no promises of fried pickles or deep fried oreos. Beer is on tap and the 4th Avenue restaurants will also be open.
The Street Fair evokes a sense of excitement and happiness and eagerness to discover what is in the next tent. When several people congregate in front of one tent, the natural instinct is to find out what everyone is checking out!
It’s a time to meander while checking out what is in the 4th Avenue stores too. The Street Fair comes courtesy of the 4th Avenue Street Merchants who originally sponsored the street fair as a marketing event to get people to see what 4th Avenue has to offer.
And now, after many years, the Street Fair is an event eagerly looked forward to by locals, and also by local charities which sponsor booths to hawk food and beverages.

Above the din of the crowds music drifts through the air like a gentle breeze.  Two stages are erected and musicians of all ilk play according to a schedule.  At one stage there may be country and the other, a group singing a capella.  Sometimes there are instrumentalists, or rock groups.  Swaying to the music or improv dancing is encouraged!  Often musicians will have their music for sale.

Crafts and paintings are available for sale; it’s a good place to find unique stocking stuffers, and there is always an abundance of beautifully crafted jewelry.  Woodworking items show beautiful patinas, and hand thrown pottery are one of a kind in an array of styles and colors.  I’m in the market for a new apron, perhaps I can find one in one of the white tents.

It is always remarkable that all the items for sale are hand crafted with love and precision and don’t come from an assembly line.  The ideas were created by the craftsperson who then took the time to transform the idea into a reality.  Hats off to all of these people, and a huge thank you to the Fourth Avenue Merchants for bringing this event to us.





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