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    Tucson Heart Hospital, located at 4888 North Stone Avenue, near the intersection of Stone and River Road, is also a part of the Carondelet Network of Hospitals.  Tucson Heart is a specialized facility,  concentrating on disease management, prevention and information about heart and vascular disease.  Public outreach programs are given in nutrition, exercise and stress management.

   The 58 bed facility has private rooms which are specifically designed for every stage of “heart” care.  The staff is cross trained and a team follows the patient throughtout the stay.  The hospital performs both   diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the state of the art catheterization laboratory including:    

Cardiac Output
Carotid Angiogram
Coronary Angiogram
Electrophysiological Studies
Left Heart Catheterization
Myocardial Biopsy
Oximetry Recordings
Peripheral Angiogram
Pulmonary Angiogram
Renal Angiogram
Right Heart Catheterization

Atherectomy (Rotational)
Balloon Angioplasty (Arterial/Venous)
Balloon Angioplasty-Peripheral

Ablation (Atria/Ventricular)
ICD Insertion
IntroAortic Balloon Pump
Percutaneous Vena Cava Filter
Permanent Pacemaker Insertion
Temporary Pacemaker Insertion

according to the website.

    Tucson Heart Hospital also offers the Heartsaver CT to the general public which is a non-invasive, easy procedure that can be done within an hour at the hospital for a cost of $99.00.  This procedure images calcium buildup around the heart which can be a precursor to severe heart disease.  People often have the procedure as a preventative measure as a “heart healthy” measure.

    The hospital employs about 365 full time staff.  Employment information can be found at the Carondelet career page listed below.   The hospital serves all of Southern Arizona and is dedicated to heart patients.

Tucson Heart Hospital Web Page:   http://www.tucsonhearthospital.com/

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